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Due to the high demand, the world market leader for locking systems for switch cabinets is doubling its production capacities.The rubber plant in Arnedo, in the region La Rioja, Spain, in particular, is going to supply significantly bigger quantities in 2018.Then it's up to you to find the perfect balance of background and foreground for the best social media post!Try layering videos or even combining collages for a more artistic feel, or keep it simple with a peaceful background and a selfie for a different kind of self portrait.Rollworld works by creating a wormhole-like effect that wraps the image your phone sees into a spiral of sorts.Shooting from a distance with Rollworld can give the illusion that a cityscape is actually on its own tiny, little planet or that you've been morphed and twisted into yourself (does that make sense? When using Rollworld, try shooting horizontally for best results.

If you're an artistic person who loves playing around with editing, then check out the collage option in PIP, which will turn your photo into a professional-looking magazine cover.

Users can add text, doodle, add frames, stick stickers, slap on filters, and so much more with just this one handy app.

Free – Download now If you're looking to not only get funky and creative with your photos but add some framing too, then check out the PIP Camera if you want to change up your social media game!

"Made in Europe", this is the manufacturing strategy of...

A: Firstly, upload a passport style image of your face (looking straight in the camera), then complete your registration by selecting your country , gender, username, password and email address (which we will only use to communicate with you ).

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